Forex : Revue de presse anglophone du weekend

Vous retrouverez ci-dessous une sélection d’articles intéressants parus ce weekend dans la presse anglophone :

UK economy grew 0.1% to avoid recession, says NIESR
China’s Gravity-defying Economy: How Hard Will It Fall?
America’s hall of mirrors recover
5 Reasons Why the Weak Non-Farm Payrolls Could Be Temporary
Spain: The Ultimate Doomsday Presentation
Spanish Economic Drama
Pain in Spain Sends Euro Down the Drain
Spain in the Hot Seat.
Reexamining the Difference between Gold and Platinum
Is the Aussie dollar becoming a reserve currency?
REVEALED: How the Troika bailout is ACCELERATING Greek insolvency
Service Sector U.S. and Euroland PMIs in March

Bonne lecture!