Forex : Revue de presse anglophone du weekend

Vous retrouverez ci-dessous une sélection d’articles intéressants parus ce weekend dans la presse anglophone :

Europe’s Capital Flight Betrays Currency’s Fragility
Britain back in recession?
Eurozone crisis focuses on Andalucía, home to sun, sand and soaring deficits
Only a matter of time before ECB is forced into massive quantitative easing
ECB’s Nowotny Sees Risk Of ‘Lost Decades’ In Europe
China Doubling Yuan Band Signals Drive for Convertibility
A Few Thoughts on China’s Wider CNY Band
Analysis: China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin
China, the gigantic Asian tiger, can still achieve a soft landing
Consumers start to get back into their stride
IMF’s Lagarde Welcomes China Move to Widen FX Trading Band

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